Seva at Ananda

“Activities that are undertaken in a spirit of joyous service have the effect of putting one in tune with the infinite source of all power. The more consciously one acts as a channel for divine energy, the more he finds his inner powers actually increasing.” —Swami Kriyananda

For a devotee, all actions can be a form of karma yoga when one does one’s duties with the thought of God flowing through oneself. Where needs exist, whether large or small, willing hands make miracles happen. We encourage you to share a little of your time, your skills and especially your energy in service to share the vibrations and the teachings of our Master.

Seva from home – Contribute your time

Some ideas of seva that you can do from home:

– Support social media by sharing, posting etc

– Design simple graphics for online posts and sharing

– Create other interesting content (such as videos or art) for social media sharing 

– Offer technical help in website maintenance and sending email

– Organize informal satsang or classes in your society or colony for small groups online

– Pray for others as a healing prayer angel

or please suggest what you’d be interested.

When our center is open, you can offer seva in following ways at the center:

  • Volunteer to organize, cook and serve Prasad at the Centre.
  • Volunteer for maintenance and beautification of Centre based on the needs of the time.
  • Bring flowers, decorate altar and other parts of the Centre especially during special events.

Let’s share our joy with more and more truth seeking souls.

Seva Testimonials

  • Both myself and my wife derive great pleasure in doing whatever humble service possible by us to the people associated with Ananda Sangha. It is Master, who makes all service. Aspiring to be ever in His Service and Glory.

    ~ K.Jayakumar Menon, former Research and Development Scientist
  • Seva to Gurus and God has helped me to open my heart and be in tune with them. My donation to Ananda has helped me to stay in Gratitude.

    ~ Dr.Shashikala Nair, Consulting Psychotherapist.
  • The main purpose of Seva is to lose your ego and i feel elevated when i do seva as it helps me not only in losing my ego but i also get satisfaction of serving someone.

    ~ Bhavik Patel, Commodity/Currency Analyst
  • I help with teaching of the classes as well as social media for Ananda Sangha Ahmedabad which is a blessing because it helps me become a channel for these teachings and benefits my spiritual growth.

    ~ Vinod Sarasia, Manager
  • Seva at Ananda is helping me to purify and cleanse myself.

    ~ Shalu Patawari, Vedant International Pre school, Ahmedabad
  • Ananda’s activities gave me a sense of fulfillment and a feeling of being connected with Gurus and God. Seva performed in different form at Ananda gave me a feeling of love and devotion for Gurus and God.

    ~ Rajesh Bhalja, Retd.Group Director, Space Application Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad
  • Seva gives me the opportunity to understand the Life of our masters in detail. It makes me a more humble, kind and caring person in life. Seva keeps my heart connected always with my guru and I become sure that my loyalty, with blessings of Yogananda ji, will give me freedom from all desires and bondages.

    ~ Asit Trivedi, Wealth Advisor